Bed bugs are the unwelcome guests that are turning up in homes all across the US and around the world.

Not just in dirty homes either, they can turn up anywhere; hospitals, country homes, condos, apartments, even luxury mansions – so don’t feel ashamed if you have a bed bug problem, it can happen to anybody.

Nobody wants to share their bed with these nasty bugs, and thankfully, there is a new and easy way to get rid of them in one simple step: Bedroom Guardian.

What Is Bedroom Guardian?


Bedroom Guardian is an anti-bed bug system, used to completely remove bed bugs from your bed!

It comes with a detector (so you can confirm that bed bugs are the problem you’re dealing with) and the powder to kill them off.

The system is safe to handle, it wont do any damage to you, or to children sleeping in the bed, but it’s extremely potent when it comes to the bed bugs, making sure to remove them completely.

How Does Bedroom Guardian Work?

According to a reputable review ( Bedroom Guardian works in two parts.

First, you have the Bed Bug Detector unit, you can place this on the floor under your bed, or between your mattress.

If the unit detects bed bugs, then you know that’s the problem you face, and you can use the Bedroom Guardian Elimination spray or powder to cover the area around your bed, killing the bed bugs and keeping them away for good!

The Pro And Cons of The Bedroom Guardian Product


👉 It actually works

— the main thing is that this product does exactly what it claims. If you have bed bugs, and want to get rid of them quickly, easily, and at a reasonable price, then Bedroom Guardian will tick all of the boxes for you!

👉 Free from harsh chemicals –

— when you’re using something around the area you or your children sleep, you want to be sure that you’re not breathing in any nasty chemicals. Bedroom Guardian doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it’s natural, and it’s safe to handle, so you know you and your family are safe.

👉 Speed –

— it’s very fast, you’ll notice a decrease in bites on the first day you use it, and almost no bites at all within a week of application

👉 It works for a couple of months –

— some bed bug elimination systems only work for a short period of time, but Bedroom Guardian works for up to two months without requiring a new application


😞 It doesn’t last forever –

Unfortunately, there is no one-time method of keeping bed bugs away, so Bedroom Guardian does require a new application every couple of months to keep deterring the bed bugs from your home.

😞Price Increase –

You’ll notice that after your first purchase on the subscription, the price does increase somewhat from your initial purchase price. It’s still a good deal, and having the initial discount price gives you a way to test it and see just how effective it is before you start paying the full price.

😞 Only available online –

When you have a problem like bed bugs, you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, so it would be great if you could just pop into your local DIY store and get a solution like this, but you can’t – not yet anyway. You can only order online, but the shipping is very fast and you can usually order and have the Bedroom Guardian solution in your hands within a day or two.

😞 Powder –

There is a spray too, but if you opt for the powder form, then you’ll obviously have to live with this powder laying on your floor around your bed. If you’re an avid vacuum cleaner, then it can be tempted to hoover this up, but if you do, your unwanted guests will thank you for it.


In conclusion, Bedroom Guardian works!

It’s fast, there are no harsh chemicals, and it continues to work for weeks after the initial application. If you have bed bugs and want a reasonably priced, easy to use solution, then Bedroom Guardian is a great choice.