Let’s be honest, no one wants to go bald. A full head of hair is very important both to men and women alike. When we are faced with hair problems such as baldness and a thin hair line, then the search for a hair loss solution begins…

Today we look at An example of a hair treatment remedy is known as Foligen.

But What Exactly Is Foligen?


Although Foligen is perceived as a hair growth supplement for men, it can be used by women with remarkable results as well. It is considered on the top list of professional hair loss treatment.

Generally, it is a product that is used to reduce the negative effects of hair loss by promoting thick and healthy hair growth. This article focuses on an in-depth Foligen review with respect to the following:

The Main Ingredients Of Foligen

Foligen comprises natural ingredients that are attributed to its numerous pros. The ingredients include:

  • vitamin D3,
  • vitamin C,
  • Vitamin A,
  • Zinc oxide among others.

However, its main ingredients are:


Hair loss and graying hair are some of the common hair problems that individuals face. Well, there is a remedy for such hair problems. Fo-Ti, one of the key ingredients in Foligen, is the remedy.

This ingredient is believed to play a crucial role of minimizing hair loss and graying of hair.


Commonly referred to as Vitamin B7, this ingredient ensures a healthy state of the hair. Further, Biotin contributes healthy skin and nails.

How Does Foligen Really Work?

Does Foligen Really Work?

For an individual to achieve effective results, 2 capsules of Foligen ought to be taken on a daily basis.

Once the capsules are taken, Foligen ingredients are released into the body system after which absorption takes place. Once absorbed, healthy hair growth is stimulated.

Pros of Foligen

  • 1. Biotin protects against and reduces hair loss. Biotin enhances provision of keratin which is responsible for increased growth of hair.
  • 2. Leads to realization of thick and strong hair growth.
  • 3. Enhanced hair health. Biotin nourishes the hair cells through provision of nutrients which support hair growth.
  • 4. Improved skin appearance.
  • 5. Leads to healthy nails.
  • 6. A safe hair growth supplement because it contains natural ingredients.
  • 7. Users hardly experience any serious side effects.

The Cons of Foligen

1. Foligen’s power is not largely manifested in individuals with advanced stages of hair loss.

2. Foligen’s power is dependent on other variables such as one’s lifestyle.

In conclusion, Foligen is a very effective hair treatment solution. Its reputation is impressive based on its ingredients and pros associated with it.

As already mentioned, Foligen is endowed with natural ingredients. As such, it is a safe method of reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth and the overall healthy appearance of a person.

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